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What maintenance can I do myself on my furnace or air conditioner?

Check your air filter on a monthly basis and change it whenever it's dirty. Flush your condensate drain line, especially in the summer when algae growth is more prevalent.

How long should the furnace or AC run in a given cycle?

Typically 10-15 minutes in mild weather. The closer you get to the max design temperature in heating (0 degrees) or cooling (90 degrees) the longer the run cycle will be.

Is a heating and cooling system with more capacity always better?

Almost Never. The correct size of your HVAC system is based on running a computer generated load calculation using measurements from your home. If you put in an oversized furnace it will not run long enough to get to its optimum comfort efficiency. If you put in an oversized AC unit it will not run long enough to remove humidity from the home.

How often should I schedule heating and cooling service for my HVAC system?

We recommend having your heating and cooling system serviced twice in the year to keep it working at maximum efficiency, to find and fix small problems before they become major issues, and to avoid needing service during extreme weather conditions when everyone needs help and the wait for service can be longer than normal.

How can we determine if our HVAC system seems to be running too much?

Most systems should run about 2-3 cycles per hour.

How many years should I expect to get from a new furnace and air conditioning system?

The life expectancy of most systems is 12-15 years.

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What should I check or make note of prior to calling for HVAC service?

Check for a dirty filter, is the power switch on, is the circuit breaker tripped, is the thermostat set to heat or cool and the proper temperature?